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Jesus Gomez

El mundo audiovisual ha estado vinculado a mi desde 2002. Tomar una foto era el simple hecho de inmortalizar un momento, pero con el tiempo, encuentro una nueva definición, un camino más y, por ese motivo, nació este proyecto. Mí nombre es Jesús Gómez, nací y crecí en Almería (Spain). Actualmente estoy viviendo en Londres (UK) desde el 2014, trabajando con mis proyectos fotográficos y viajando alrededor del mundo.

The audiovisual world has been linked to me since 2002. Taking a picture was the simple act of immortalizing a moment, but over time, I find a new definition, a new way and for that reason, this project was born. My name is Jesús Gómez, I was born and grew up in Almería (Spain). I am currently living in London (UK) since 2014, working with my photographic projects and travelling around the world.

Jesus Gomez (born November 3, 1988) known in the world of visual storytellers as “bysumex” is a world-renowned Photographer, Filmmaker and Editor that inspired a generation of content creators from all around the world. Spanish nationality living in London, whose genre is travel and create content, Jesus was born in Almeria Spain.

Jesus, apart from being a photographer, filmmaker and editor, is also a content creator, where we can see him collaborating with different brands.

Jesus Gomez began his career at the age of 12 in Retamar Almeria, Spain, as an online photographer. He later started releasing his works of photography on major picture platforms. He moved to London in 2014 to grow up as artist visual and he already visited the 7 Wonders of the World oldest, he released his photography on many other international platforms such as Flickr, Twitter, Tiktok, Facebook, and Instagram and some of them were exhibited in London Galleries as ARTNumber23, exhibition of three stunning places, full of magic, culture, smell and freshness.

bysumex is best known for his projects “CyberPunk London“, “Creators”, “The Story of the Streets” and “Studio at Home” on Instagram and other platforms as Youtube. In November 2021, after building a strong presence in the photography and videography industry, he started to create Music Videos with different latin music artist in UK. Also he created a YouTube channel that he uses for videography and also to teach, give advice, guide and help other filmmakers and photographer to fit into the world of the editing and filming.

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