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Find music that makes a real difference to your videos!

Our mission is to empower creators worldwide to tell their stories through video. We bring opportunity to the creative industry through powerful video editing software, professional digital assets for video creation and accessible learning resources to support you in achieving your vision.

Royalty Free Music

Every filmmaker should have access to incredible music. That’s why we search the globe for the best musicians, then curate their music into a powerful platform where filmmakers can always find something inspiring, evocative, or moving to underscore their work. We are not a jingle factory, but a community of artists who put heart and soul into our music, just as you put your heart into your video productions.

Our Mission

High quality music licensing doesn’t have to be expensive. Nor does it have to be complicated. That is the core belief behind Artlist. As filmmakers ourselves, we felt the problem personally. Music licensing is often a complicated, expensive mess, which slows us down and gets in the way of the creative process. By offering direct and unlimited access to our entire catalog of inspiring music for a single annual subscription fee, we believe that Artlist is the solution.

Fair to the artist

We believe that when artists succeed, we all succeed. That’s why we pay our artists well for the incredible and inspiring work that they do. Today the film and music industries are closer than they have ever been. By simplifying the way the two are brought together, Artlist is providing opportunities to both musicians and filmmakers that can take their work farther. Contact us about opportunities to join our community.

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