Babo Flow x Tatto RD – PAO PAO (Music Video)

Babo Flow x Tatto RD - PAO PAO

Dance PAO PAO and you’ll feel better.

Babo Flow is a versatile musician, artist, and composer hailing from Cuba and currently based in England. With unwavering dedication to the art of music, Babo Flow is a creator of compelling and innovative compositions. His passion for exploring new sounds and seamlessly blending musical genres sets him apart as a unique talent. As a representative of Cuban urban music, Babo Flow’s influence extends globally. Join the musical journey with Babo Flow in the house, making his mark on the international scene.


Tatto RD embarked on his professional music career in 2006 in the Dominican Republic as part of the duo “Tatto & El Full,” under the record label Tycoon Records (from which he has been independent for several years). During this time, he contributed to the musical production “Reggaetoning The World.” In 2018, Tatto RD made the move to London, United Kingdom. It wasn’t until mid-2020 that he unveiled his track “Son Rumores,” a lively and infectious Dembow, showcasing his intent to make an impact on the UK music scene and take over the streets with his vibrant sound.

ARTISTS: @baboflow_oficial @tattord

PRODUCER: @elgenialista

A FILM BY Jesus Gomez @bysumex

Step into a world where every note is a brushstroke on the canvas of emotion, where melodies dance like sunlight through leaves, and rhythms echo the heartbeat of joy. This music video is not just a visual and auditory experience; it’s a portal to a realm where the sheer beauty of sound becomes an invitation to revel in the moment.

As the first notes reverberate through the speakers, a wave of anticipation washes over you. The music video unfolds like a carefully crafted story, each scene painted with vibrant colors that mirror the kaleidoscope of emotions embedded in the composition. Close your eyes, and you’ll find yourself transported to a place where the worries of the world fade away, leaving only the euphoria of the present.


The arrangement of instruments weaves together seamlessly, creating a tapestry of harmonies that resonate deep within. It’s more than just a song; it’s an emotional odyssey that encourages you to embrace the full spectrum of feelings. The rhythm section is the heartbeat of the experience, propelling you forward with infectious energy, urging you to let go and surrender to the music.

The visuals in the music video are a feast for the eyes, perfectly synchronized with the audio to enhance the overall impact. Images flicker and dance, capturing the essence of the melody and translating it into a visual spectacle. Whether it’s the play of light and shadow or the choreography of movement, every frame is a celebration of creativity.


But what truly sets this music video apart is its ability to evoke joy on a visceral level. It’s not just about passive observation; it’s an invitation to actively participate in the experience. Feel the rhythm course through your veins, let the melody resonate with your soul, and allow the visuals to ignite your imagination.

Support this musical journey by sharing it with others. Spread the joy that emanates from every note, encouraging friends and family to join in the celebration. Music has the power to unite, to uplift, and to inspire, and this video is a testament to that. So, immerse yourself in the symphony of bliss, and let the music be your guide to a world where enjoyment knows no bounds.

Babo Flow x Tatto RD – PAO PAO

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