Chriss Ross – The Tiger

Chriss Ross - The Tiger

“Tiger” by Chriss Ross is a high-energy song, and we sought a video that could effectively convey the vibrant energy it embodies. To achieve this, we collaborated with Jesus Gomez, also known as “bysumex.”

Jesus Gomez, aka bysumex, is a Director, Filmmaker, and Editor known for his ingenious creativity in both recording and editing. He excels in creating unexpected connections infused with a distinct personality.

tiger 4

In this project, Chriss Ross and bysumex joined forces to produce something unique in London, delivering a powerful message to the Latin community in the UK. The message emphasizes that there is no superior race on the streets; the true competition unfolds when you challenge yourself.

Cristian Ramirez, better known as Chriss Ross, awarded on February 17, 2024 as the best young Latin talent in the United Kingdom at the Latin American Awards (by La United) Composer, singer, designer, model and businessman.

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One of the sweetest voices in the United Kingdom stands out for his romantic compositions full of joy and good rhythm. This Colombian is projected to be one of the future Latin stars shining from the cold island of the United Kingdom, already being recognized by his community and participant. in elite festivals such as Latino Life, Lambeth Country Show, the Colombian festival in Paris and many more events in which Chriss is leaving his mark.

A FILM BY Jesus Gomez – @bysumex
ARTIST: Chriss Ross – @chrissrossmusic
PRODUCER: ElGenialista – @elgenialista

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