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Chriss Ross creators

Chriss Ross is a Colombian artist currently residing in the UK contributing to Latin music in the UK through his romantic essence.

This video include scenes from Official music video for «si me dejas» by Chriss Ross. Song available in the album «DESDE UK CON AMOR CHRISS ROSS». A Film by Jesus Gomez (bysumex)

Romantic essence is the intangible quality that makes us feel deeply connected to another person. It’s the spark that ignites a fire in our hearts and fills us with a sense of passion and longing. The romantic essence is what sets romantic relationships apart from all others, and it’s what keeps us coming back for more.

At its core, the romantic essence is about vulnerability and trust. When we allow ourselves to be vulnerable with another person, we open ourselves up to the possibility of love. We share our deepest thoughts, fears, and desires, and in return, we receive the same from our partner. This exchange of vulnerability builds trust, which in turn strengthens the bond between two people.

Romantic essence is also about intimacy, both physical and emotional. It’s about the moments of shared closeness that make us feel truly alive. Whether it’s a lingering kiss, a shared laugh, or a meaningful conversation, these intimate moments are what make a romantic relationship so special.

But perhaps most importantly, the romantic essence is about acceptance. It’s about loving someone for who they are, flaws and all. It’s about seeing the beauty in another person, even when they can’t see it themselves. When we accept another person completely, we create a safe and nurturing environment for love to grow.

In today’s fast-paced world, it’s easy to lose sight of the romantic essence. We’re so busy with work, social media, and other distractions that we often forget to slow down and connect with the people we love. But if we can tap into the romantic essence, we can reignite the spark in our relationships and experience the true magic of love.

So take a moment to connect with your partner today. Share your vulnerabilities, be intimate, and accept each other completely. Embrace the romantic essence, and watch as your love grows stronger than ever before.


Artist: Chriss Ross @ChrissRoss

Model: Stefania

Producer: Genio The Producer

A Film by: Jesus Gomez @bysumex

Locations: Studio Genio, N6 COFFEE Boston London & The Etcetera Theatre London

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