CREATORS: DKATT – DJ & PRODUCER (Kazoku LDN at The Beams London)

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DKATT: Spaniard DJ/Producer and owner of Singular UK records, Dkatt has been paving his way through the minimal music scene in his current home base out of London. His enthusiasm for simplistic rhythms weaved through deep and versatile house patterns, make up his particular sound. Dkatt is a resident of Kazoku LDN and his own Singular UK, with coveted sets at EGG London, Cocoon, Code – Fabric and digital platforms Like Ibiza Global Radio. On the production front his tracks have received support from artist like Tapesh and Traumer, making Dkatt a promising talent to watch.

CREATORS: DKATT – DJ & PRODUCER (Kazoku LDN at The Beams London)


A DJ (short for disc jockey) is a person who plays and mixes recorded music for a live audience or a radio show. DJs can specialize in a wide range of musical genres, such as hip-hop, electronic dance music (EDM), rock, pop, or country. They typically use turntables or digital DJ controllers to mix and manipulate the music, creating a seamless flow of beats and rhythms.

In addition to playing music, DJs can also serve as MCs (masters of ceremonies), announcing songs, introducing performers, and interacting with the audience. Some DJs also produce their own music, remixing existing tracks or creating original compositions.

DJs can perform in a variety of settings, such as clubs, bars, weddings, corporate events, or music festivals. They may also have their own radio shows, where they play music and interact with listeners through phone calls, social media, or other channels.

To become a DJ, you typically need to have a good ear for music, knowledge of different genres, and skills in mixing and beatmatching. Some DJs also have formal training in music production or audio engineering. With practice and dedication, a DJ can develop their own unique style and become a popular and respected figure in the music industry.

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