CREATORS: MARYAM NOVRUZI (Artist & Actress) – London 2023

Creators MARYAM NOVRUZI Artist Actress

Maryam Novruzi is young , motivated , hard working and passionate about acting. Acting experience in Hometown Baku , Azerbaijan. Worked with brands as Carolina Herrera, Lacoste and Adidas.


Miss Maryam Novruzi is a talent from Azerbaijan. Right from birth, Maryam was gifted with individuality, being born with cleft lip syndrome. For medical support, Maryam moved to US to get for surgeries when she was 3-month-old. Maryam received 8 difficult surgeries until the age of 13 until fit to go to school, it was hard for her to walk and eat because of those surgeries. When Maryam was 14 her parents divorced and Maryam moved back to Baku, Azerbaijan.


Maryam’s difficult youth did not hinder her from finding immense love and discovering her talent in various arts, culture, and entertainment. From the tender age of 5, Maryam has been an avid painter. She is self-taught and learned how to paint with acrylics and at age of 16 and has hosted 5 art exhibitions of her own. Maryam is passionate about theatre, having taken part in local theatres as a child actress from a young age. When Maryam turned 17, she applied to university in the U.K. and moved at the age of 18 to realise her dreams. Maryam arrived to the U.K. with a small pink suitcase and dressed up for Heathrow as if she dressed up for the red carpet. In parallel to her studies, she actively started applying for castings and in 2 weeks after arrival she gets her first role at the Production! Maryam recently started to write to communicate more of her own story to her growing audience and social media following. Maryam has an aura of positivity and fun, and radiates passion & enthusiasm. Retaining these characteristics despite the setbacks she’s had to overcome is inspiring to many.


In November 2022, Maryam got her first lead role in the play KITTY THE WAITRESS, as KITTY.

A FILM BY Jesus Gomez



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