FAQUNDO Gonzalez – Hip-Hop Kulture (Music Video) 2024

FAQUNDO Gonzalez - Hip-Hop Kulture (Official Music Video)

Renowned Hip Hop artist Faqundo González has released his highly anticipated new single and music video, titled “Hip Hop Kulture.”

🎤 In “Hip Hop Kulture,” Radhames Medina Núñez, known by his stage name Faqundo González, delivers a clear and precise message reflecting his perspective on understanding and promoting Hip Hop Culture. This dynamic single is the first release from his forthcoming third studio album, “Poesía del Siglo XXI” (Poetry of the 21st Century), slated for release in the fourth quarter of 2024.

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The single is a collaborative effort featuring:

  • Lyrics: Radhames Medina Núñez
  • Performance: @FAQUNDOGonzalez
  • Music Production: @DonPofficial
  • Sound Engineering: @elgenialista
  • Studio: @labfiles
  • Music Video: Directed by Jesus Gomez – @bysumex
  • Assistance: Izzy Garcia and Angel Bonifacio
  • Public Relations: @qualityentertainmentuk
  • Executive Production: Radhames Medina Núñez
  • Publication: RapCore Muzik in C/O Qualita Spectrum Ltd.

With “Hip Hop Kulture,” Faqundo González reaffirms his commitment to the Hip Hop community, blending powerful lyrics with compelling visuals to deliver a resonant message. Stay tuned for more updates on his upcoming album “Poesía del Siglo XXI” and follow @FAQUNDOGonzalez for the latest news and releases.

For more information, contact:
Public Relations: @qualityentertainmentuk
Label: RapCore Muzik in C/O Qualita Spectrum Ltd.

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R. Medina (The Maestro)

I never intended to become a recording and digital mixing technician.

After Lo Correcto acquired the basic equipment for recording and digital production, several events practically “pushed me into the world of recordings and mixes” because we faced an important dilemma: DeeJay Scuff was the one who had the equipment in his home studio, “El Cuarto Frio” (his bedroom), as he best understood these matters.

Being very busy with his personal things and focusing on his own project, Junior decided to step away from the collective. This situation left us, in a sense, unable to create our records at a lower cost.

Between Toñitin (Tony Hasbun) and the Collective, we took the risk of creating our own recording studio. We put our hands and resources to work (each within their possibilities), and thus “La Cueva Studio” was born. Having the equipment on hand, and driven by the need to record, sparked my curiosity to “tinker” with those devices. This also led to the boldness to record, mix, edit, and even master.

Among the works I can cite are:

  • El TigueRAPje – Beethoven Villaman
  • Crónikas De Un Menor (Paco Rap Band) – Lo Correcto
  • Más The EP – KashMir Jones
  • La Solución – Lo Correcto/VV.AA.
  • El Retorno De Los Cacos Calientes – Circuito Negro
  • 24 Horas MixTape – Lápiz Conciente
  • Licantropía EP – Saíto Kastro
  • Universal – Lo Correcto
  • De Nuevo – Experiencia
  • Also VeRsATiLi-Rap, which is my first individual reference, and many other albums, mixtapes, promotional CDs, and singles from Lo Correcto and other artists.

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