GoldenBloom in The Engine Room’s London 2024


The Engine Room’s, a staple of London’s live music scene, is celebrating its 10th anniversary with an epic weekender event over the May bank holiday. As part of the festivities, GoldenBloom, a high-energy post-punk quartet from East London, will take the stage to deliver an unforgettable performance.

GoldenBloom has been making waves in the vibrant East London music scene, blending raw punk energy with indie sensibilities to create a unique sound that’s been garnering a loyal following. Comprised of four talented musicians, this band is known for their intense live shows, powerful vocals, and driving rhythms that keep the audience on their feet.

The Engine Room’s 10th Anniversary Weekender promises a diverse lineup of live music, delicious food, and top DJs. With GoldenBloom set to perform, attendees can expect a dynamic show that will set the tone for a weekend of non-stop entertainment. This is a must-see event for fans of post-punk, indie rock, and live music in general.

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About GoldenBloom GoldenBloom is a four-piece post-punk band from East London known for their energetic performances and unique blend of punk and indie rock. With a growing fanbase and a reputation for electrifying live shows, GoldenBloom is quickly becoming one of London’s must-see bands. For more information about the band, visit [GoldenBloom’s Website] or follow them on social media.

About The Engine Room’s The Engine Room’s is a premier live music venue in London, hosting a diverse range of events, from rock and punk to indie and electronic music. Celebrating its 10th anniversary, The Engine Room’s has become a beloved part of London’s.

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