How to activate Highlight Alert (Blinkies) on your Canon DSLR

How to activate Highlight Alert (Blinkies) on your Canon DSLR

How to activate Highlight Alert (Blinkies) on your Canon DSLR

if you overexpose a photo when you do image review it will flash black.

That’s usually because it’s white and overexposed and too bright.

This is super helpful for you to know whether or not you’re over exposing the highlights in your photos.

I show you to turn this on a Canon R6:
hit the menu go to the blue tab, tab 5 secondo one, highlight alert and press enable.

In the context of a DSLR camera, “blinkies” refer to a feature known as the highlight alert or the highlight warning. When this feature is enabled on a DSLR camera, it displays blinking highlights on the LCD screen or through the viewfinder to indicate areas of an image that are overexposed or “blown out.”

Overexposure occurs when certain areas of a photo receive too much light, causing the details in those areas to be lost or washed out. This can happen in situations where the scene has a significant contrast between bright and dark areas, or when the camera’s exposure settings are not properly adjusted.

When you review a photo on your DSLR’s LCD screen and notice blinkies, it means that the camera has detected overexposed areas in the image. The blinking highlights draw your attention to those areas, helping you identify where the loss of detail has occurred.

By utilizing blinkies, photographers can make informed decisions about their exposure settings. When they see blinkies in certain areas, they can adjust the camera’s settings (such as decreasing the exposure or using a narrower aperture) to reduce the amount of light reaching the sensor and avoid overexposure. This helps in preserving details and achieving a more balanced exposure in subsequent shots.

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It’s important to note that blinkies are just a visual aid provided by the camera to assist photographers in assessing exposure. The blinking highlights do not affect the actual image file or its final outcome. They serve as a guide to help photographers make adjustments during shooting or to evaluate exposure levels after capturing an image.

Overall, blinkies are a valuable tool on DSLR cameras that assist photographers in avoiding overexposure and maintaining the desired level of detail in their images.

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