Me mode in Insta360 one X3 X2 Essential Insta360 Tips For Beginners

Me mode in Insta360

A walk with INSTA360 in Me mode

Me Mode is essentially shooting 360 video but tracking me as the main subject. In one x3, just select Me mode. Just walking alone and holding the camera in front of me. In one x2, tracking yourself in post-production.

Insta360 is a company that produces 360-degree cameras and other accessories for capturing immersive video and photography. «Insta360 Me Mode» is a feature available on some of their cameras, such as the Insta360 One X and Insta360 One R.

The «Me Mode» allows you to capture a selfie-style video or photo using the camera’s 360-degree capabilities. When you activate Me Mode, the camera will automatically track your face and keep it centered in the frame as you move around. This can be a useful feature for vlogging, travel videos, or other situations where you want to capture yourself in the scene.

To use Me Mode on an Insta360 camera, you typically need to connect the camera to a smartphone app, such as the Insta360 app. From there, you can select Me Mode and start recording. The camera will automatically adjust to keep you in the center of the frame as you move around.

Overall, Insta360 Me Mode is a fun and convenient feature for capturing unique and immersive video content with your Insta360 camera.

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