Moza AirCross S – Tiny Body, Infinite Creativity.

Moza AirCross S x bysumex

Introducing the Moza AirCross S, the ultimate gimbal for small cameras and phones. This versatile all-rounder takes the top spot, offering compatibility with various camera sizes, including mirrorless cameras, action cameras, and mobile phones. The AirCross S promises an incredibly diverse shooting experience, ready to adapt to all your camera devices effortlessly.

Switching between multiple devices on the go has never been easier – the AirCross S provides instant compatibility adjustments, ensuring you can seamlessly capture your multi-task shooting scenes with ease. Its simple yet high-quality portable design makes it lightweight and easy to carry, making it the perfect companion for any photo walk.

From grip to thumb, the AirCross S is meticulously designed for an uncompromising fit in your hand, providing a comfortable and secure hold. Think of it as your “Joy-Con” in the world of gimbals – the all-new control system ensures easy operation like never before.

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What sets the AirCross S apart is its extended axis arm range, allowing you to balance various camera types with ample space. This feature caters to your unique filming style and encourages limitless creativity. Say goodbye to compromises and hello to a gimbal that adapts to your needs – the Moza AirCross S, your partner in capturing moments with precision and ease.


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