Xander Ivle x DJ JOGA – DESDE (Official Music Video) 2023

Xander Ivle x DJ JOGA - DESDE

Xander Ivle is back and releasing new music with DJ Joga as producer of “DESDE”, the new single by Xander Ivle.

The official music video is a film by Jesus Gomez – bysumex.

Xander Ivle is a music artist of Italian origin. He combines a rich mixture of Venezuelan, Spanish and Portuguese roots, which is reflected in his music, which has been his great passion since childhood. He started his musical career in England, more precisely in the city of London. He writes his own songs and expresses his emotions in a masterful way.

DJ JOGA also known as Jose Angel, was born in Pereira, Colombia on 2nd of November 1987, he migrated to the UK in 1997, Grew up in London listening to Reggaeton music since 2002 on a time where the Internet took the Music industry down to the floor due to its online piracy.

ARTIST: @XanderIvle
A FILM BY Jesus Gomez @bysumex

Xander Ivle – Desde (Music Video by Jesus Gomez – bysumex)

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